Why does SQLPlus not execute my command-file

Oracle SQLPlus is an effective tool, but sometimes it has some hard-to-explain behavior.

Like when you try to get it to replace an existing view, and all that happens, is that it very patiently does – nothing at all.

There are several possible reasons – where SQLPlus has requirements that other SQL tools (like Toad) does not have.


  1. Blank lines prevent the execution of a command in SQL*PlusA blank line in a SQL statement or script tells SQL*Plus that you have finished entering the command, but do not want to run it yet.If you’re writing or generating SQL scripts for SQL*Plus, make sure there are no blank lines in your SQL commands or the statements will not be executed.

    This only seems to be required for views. Packages are executed even if they contain some blank lines

  2. Package replace script must end with a “/”


Cannot resolve the ‘schemaLocation’ attribute

Biztalk are often quite troublesome with XSD schema imports

I had recently the problem with the Italian PA-Xml format, which imports the standard w3 xmldsig schema

When working with schema imports in Biztalk, it is not uncommon to receive the error “Cannot resolve the ‘schemaLocation’ attribute”, which simply means, that Biztalk cannot load the imported schema.

There are several possible reasons for this error:

  • The schema location is an URL. I have never yet seen an imported schema work in Biztalk if the schemalocation is an URL. Download the imported schema, include it in the project and modifiy the schemalocation to point to the local file
  • In the “xsd:import” element, the namespace attribute are listed before the schemalocation attribute. Biztalk seems to prefer that the schemalocation attribute is listed first
  • When modifying the schemalocation to point to a local file (same directory as the .XSD file), Biztalk sometimes prefer if you put “./” before the filename of the imported schema

I have yet not found a clear rule for when to do what – except that an URL in the schemalocation will never work.

With the Italian PAXml format, neither of these points work. Whatever I did, Biztalk kept informing me, that it “could not resolve the schemalocation” attribute.

What worked for me, was to create a folder in the Biztalk Schema project, and place the PAXml schema as well as the xmldsig schema in this folder. This folder in the project, does not have any practical impact when using this schema. When I did this, the schema project compiled without problems.