Cannot add resource to Biztalk – No .CLB data in the memory or stream

We are running a Biztalk 2016 env., and here I have experienced issues when adding a BiztalkAssembly to Biztalk using the rightclick + “Add Resource” on an Application in the Biztalk Admin Console. It gives this error:

It currently only occurs with a single DLL, containing a schema, where there are LOTS of maps that Biztalk want to remove (and redeploy afterwards) before adding this schema.

It gives exactly the same error, if I try to add the resource using BTSTASK

BTSTASK AddResource -ApplicationName:"Object.Invoice" -Type:"System.BizTalk:BizTalkAssembly" -OverWrite -Options:GacOnAdd,GacOnImport,GacOnInstall -Server:biztalkdev01\dbinst01 -Database:BizTalkMgmtDb -Source:c:\dll\BizTalk.Object.Invoice.Schemas.CDM_Invoice.dll

It also makes no difference, if I run the BTSTASK in a standard CMD or as “Administrator”

The only thing that works, is if I add the resource from another directory, than the one I added it from the previous time. In the example above, it works, if I change the source to “c:\dll2\……” (and copy the DLL there)



Controlling non-reachable Philips Hue Lights

Like so many others, I am from time to time affected by my lights going non-reachable.

Even when the light is “reachable”: false, the light is surprisingly still controllable by the hue bridge (if you specifically ask the bridge to eg. turn the light on via the Hue API)

It is somewhat strange, how the bridge can do that, if it thinks that the light is not reachable. It is of course possible, that it just send the command in the blind.

But what sadly does not work, are the rules and the schedules, which only (seem to) work on “reachable”: true lights.

I have not found any way to make rules work on non-reachable lights, but schedules works just fine, if you just add the light to a group, and make the schedule operate on the group in stead.

For instance:
Make a group:

  "lights": [
  "name": "SpecialLights",
  "type": "LightGroup"

the group were created with id “5”

Make a schedule on the group:

  "name": "SpecialLight-On-18",
  "description": "SpecialLight on around 18",
  "command": {
    "address": "/api/<apikey>/groups/5/action",
    "body": {
      "on": true
    "method": "PUT"
  "localtime": "W127/T18:01:00A00:16:00"

Now the schedules work just fine – even when the light is “reachable”: false