Do not auto-enable a LogicApp when deployed

How to deploy a LogicApp in a “Disabled” state

In the LogicApp ARM template, you can specify an optional “state” value

“resources”: [
// Start logic app resource definition
“properties”: {
“state”: “”,
“definition”: {},
“parameters”: {}

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Azure Function v1 Publish – DirectoryNotFoundException not found

During a recent migration between Azure tenants, I encountered the dreaded

Unhandled Exception: System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: The path `C:\REPOS\AzureFunctionsProject\obj\Release\net461\PubTmp\Out\bin` does not exist. Unable to generate Azure Functions extensions metadata file.

error when I tried to publish an Azure Function to the new tenant. And quite correctly, the ‘bin’ folder does not exist.

My “Microsoft.NET.Sdk.Functions” Version was “1.0.24” and it worked for me to follow the advise below to change that to use version 1.0.26 (by editing the .csproj file directly)
I probably ought to have tried with the newest version of the SDK, but time constraints in the project did not allow that.

Cant publish azure function unabe to generate azure function metadata

Azure “Logic Apps Management” does not render in “Incognito” browser

If you are using the “Logic Apps Management” solution in Azure Log Analytics to get an overview of the state of all your LogicApps, you may see that the solution-overview does not render. It simply seems to be trying to gather the data to show for eternity. This can also be seen, if you pin it to a dashboard

Logic Apps Management does not render in incognito mode

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