Compilation of Biztalk graphical map results in OutOfMemory

After upgrading our UBL schemas from 2.0 to 2.1, our maps utilizing that schema would not compile any more. All of them – except one – would build for a long-long time, and would finally result in an OutOfMemoryException. The map that was not affected, was a pure XSLT map.

The UBL schemas have now gotten so big, that Visual Studio can generate an OutOfMemory while building a Biztalk graphical map (pure XSLT maps are not affected). It also takes quite some time before the OutOfMemory occurs – in the mean while, you can see the VS process continually allocating memory.

Open the .BTM file in Notepad, and change the GenerateDefaultFixedNodes attribute from “Yes” to “No“.

Save and build again

Ref: Biztalk map – Infinite loop

Subversion – get latest file but do NOT checkout

You may want to get the latest version of a file in a subversion repository, but NOT checking the file out (which will then create the .svn directory, enabling you to later on updating and committing changes)

To get the latest version of a Subversion file – enabling you to update and commit afterwards:

svn checkout URL PATH

To only get the latest version of a Subversion file – NO updates and commits possible (a so-called unversioned tree):

svn export URL PATH