Miracast – Wireless display/screen

While Google ChromeCast and products like Xiaomi Mi TV Stick supports wireless screen-sharing  and wireless streaming, they come with a caveat that may not make them the best solution in all cases

They require:

  • An mobile app to control them
  • A google account to use them

Especially the google account makes it a no-go for me.

However, if all you want it to stream Netflix etc., both these products might be a better option for you.

But if all you are interested in is a wireless screen for your pc or mobile device, there are other, simpler options


Miracast is only available on newer pc-systems. Most Windows pc’s will support it, as well as some Linux-based ones. Use the links below to find out if your system do.

Linux: archlinux.org

Windows: partitionwizard.com or superuser.com.

In my case, I found an inexpensive second-hand AnyCast M2 Plus device which plugs into the TV’s HDMI port and USB port (for power)

My AnyCast device surprisingly turned out to be a counterfeit one – but it still works ok.

With Miracast, all you need to do (if your pc supports it):

  • Plug Miracast device into HDMI port on TV (and with some kind of USB power supply)
  • In Windows, add Wireless display connection (Windows-key + P -> Add wireless display)
  • Drag the content you want to see to the new screen added to your Windows pc

Find more details here.

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