Boomi ExecutionRecords – Leveraging Atomsphere API

Recently, I had to extract all the documents of a Boomi process run to investigate a support case. It was 2000+ documents, and I was in no mood to do it manually.

Boomi has detailed how to do it here, and luckily, a lot of the code and techniques from the “Code Search” project, could be reused. But it is by no means simple to do – 5 different API calls are needed, and for each document to be fetched, two of these needs to be called repeatedly handling HTTP 202’s in the process. This is also quite slow. It took several tries, and my 2000 documents took around 2+ hours to download.

API Function Called Paging
ExecutionRecord Search out the wanted processexecutions (getting the executionId’s). If you want a specific run, you can skip this and copy the executionId from the portal – otherwise you will probably want to search by processName + some more Once Yes
ExecutionConnector Get a list of all the connectors that have received or sent data for an executionId Once per ExecutionId No
GenericConnectorRecord Get the ids of all the document that a connector has sent or received in a run Once per executionId Yes
ConnectorDocument Retrieve the URL for the document to be downloaded Once for each document No
DocumentDownload Use the URL returned by the previous call, to retrieve the actual document content Once for each document No



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