Setting up a Hue Tap Switch

Update 2019-12-08: While the bridge until now has ignored all attempts from me to pair the Tap Switch, it suddenly changed its opinion after it was restarted recently.

After the restart, the bridge paired with the Tap Switch immediately (empty POST to /sensors, press button on Tap Switch according to Zigbee-channel for 10+ seconds while monitoring pairing via GETs to /sensors/new)

The bridge detected the Tap

 "8": {
 "name": "Hue tap switch 1"
 "lastscan": "2019-12-08T12:01:29"

and added this config to /sensors

 "state": {
 "buttonevent": null,
 "lastupdated": "none"
 "config": {
 "on": true
 "name": "Hue tap switch 1",
 "type": "ZGPSwitch",
 "modelid": "ZGPSWITCH",
 "manufacturername": "Philips",
 "uniqueid": "00:00:00:00:00:45:xx:xx-xx"

After it was added, it detected the first buttonpress without issues (event 34), but since then absolutely NO buttonpresses on the Tap switch have been registered on the bridge. No idea why.

I have tried pressing hard and softer (always click’ing), long and doubled – all to no effect.

Original pairing instructions

I tried to follow instructions from here


Following instructions, holding button down for 10+ seconds, then click again to “verify the switch works” and nothing happens.

On this video, it works

Which button to hold depends on your ZigBee channel:

  • ZigBee channel: 11 = button 1
  • ZigBee channel: 15 = button 2
  • ZigBee channel: 20 = button 3
  • ZigBee channel: 25 = button 4

Any device has to initially be within 1 metre of the bridge to first pair it.

and from here

Button 3 depressed for 10 seconds puts them in pairing mode.
The TAP switch doesn’t need to be reset, it is using Zigbee Green Power protocol and to reconnect it with another Hue bridge you just have to follow the commision instuctions in the Hue app to pair it with another Hue bridge……

It cannot connect directly to Smart Things Hub, because that one doesn’t support Zigbee Green Power protocol (yet?).


Dissecting the Hue Tap Switch

No constant connection and some Zigbee discussions

Press and hold for 10 seconds the button it tells you to on the screen. The button will be different every time you connect a new Hue Tap. Make sure you press down hard enough to where the Tap makes a click sound.

The hue tap uses a zigbee transmitter like your bulbs, make sure you are within a few feet of your bridge and are pressing down the button all the way until it clicks and hold it for 10 or 12 seconds.