Azure “Logic Apps Management” does not render in “Incognito” browser

If you are using the “Logic Apps Management” solution in Azure Log Analytics to get an overview of the state of all your LogicApps, you may see that the solution-overview does not render. It simply seems to be trying to gather the data to show for eternity. This can also be seen, if you pin it to a dashboard

Logic Apps Management does not render in incognito mode


The first thing that you should check, is if you are using a browser in “Incognito” mode – for instance Chrome “New Incognito window”. The solution is simply to switch to a non-“Incognito” window.

The same problem can be seen with the similar solution to monitor your SQL Servers using Log Analytics solutions neither of which seem to be compatible with “Incognito” mode.

BTW, I really recommend using the “Logic Apps Management” solution to get an overview of both Completed and Failed runs (for the latest period) but also and important the Running runs, which are hard to get an overview of.

However, for time to time, the updating of these metrics into Log Analytics may be delayed because of issues on the Azure platform, so remember to set alerts up for any Failed runs too.

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