Philips Hue – Simple Control page

I have been looking for a simple control-page for Philips Hue lights for several reasons. I really do not like the app and not the least that you are only able to control the Hue lights from the two main “smart”phone brands. Secondly, if you want a control-panel in the livingroom, you primarily want the simple actions – turn on and off with an immediately recognizable functionality.

Inspired by this work, the download is sadly not available any more.

I have made a similar page, which can be downloaded here.

Inside the .html file, you only have to modify these two lines

 bridge='' // Set ip-address or DNS name of your Hue bridge 
 hash='Hue user-hash' // Set the username-hash which is registered on the Hue Bridge

To use it, you can either run it directly for your own pc, or place it on a server inside your own network.

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