Maginon SP-2 Smart Plug – Part 1

The Maginon SP-2 Smart Plug could be purchased at Aldi for some time

The official page for them can be found here:

As so often today, the only intended way to interact with the plug is to use an Android or a IOS app.
The Android app is rather poor – I have not seen the IOS one.

The userguide claims that the GPL sourcecode can be downloaded from the supra website at, but there you can only find the source for the Maginon SP-1E

So – the quest – how can these plugs be utilized without using an app – specifically how to (with own code):

  1. Make the socket associate and connect to my own Wifi network
  2. Make the socket turn on and off

It is, in fact, relatively easy to program them directly – when you first find out how to do it.

2 thoughts on “Maginon SP-2 Smart Plug – Part 1”

    1. Sorry for the delay. I am not quite sure when I get around to writing the next parts.
      In the meantime, here are some tips:
      The Maginon device is very similar to the “Orvibo” device – at least in regards to the WIFI module.
      So most of the instructions from this page can be used for initial pairing –
      The Maginon socket seems to differ from the Orvibo device, in that for the initial pairing the Maginon socket will always (and only) reply back to your ip on udp port 48899.
      So in your code, you need to ensure that both source as well as destination udp port is 48899.

      When the socket is paired with your Wifi network (give it a static ip), you can connect to the socket on TCP port 8899 and issue these two primary commands:

      I do not take any responsibility if for instance you brick the device while trying to use these instructions. I was careful and the socket seem to be factory resettable. You may not be so lucky.

      BTW, unless you want to use the IMHO feeble Android app, the socket has no need to communicate with the internet, and can safely be blocked in a firewall.

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